Distribution Transformer


MEIDEN transformer is the sterling result of extensive trials and relentless refinement. It is made possible by our unique engineering techniques derived from our wealth of experience and tremendous R&D efforts.

The proven design, coupled with computer-aided manufacturing, makes possible quick delivery even with demanding specifications and customizations. It is unusually compact enabling a very desirable reduction in mass and space. Yet nowhere in the design is there any compromise of its outstanding performance characteristics.

Technical Specification

Power and distribution facilities.

IEC-60076, BS-171, ANSI C-57, JEC-204, JEC-2410, JEC-2200, etc.

Three-phase or single-phase.

500kVA to 5000kVA.

Outdoor or Indoor.

Oil-immersed self-cooled or oil-immersed forced-air cooled.

4 ~ 7% (Request of special impedance can be entertained).

No more than 5 taps for a tap range within ± 5% of rated voltage

Hermetically sealed tank type.

Applicable Standards
Cooling Systems
No. of Phases
Capacity Range
Tap Range
Oil Preservation Systems


Test Voltage

Highest System Voltage

HV Side

36kV and below

LV Side

70kV and below

200kV and below

7.2kV and below

20kV and below

60kV and below

Special requirements, for example, the adoption of short-time ratings, modification for special usage at unusual ambient temperature or altitude, K-factor rating, rectifier load, etc. can also be accepted.