Ceramic flatsheet membrane system

For conventional membrane treatment systems, high replacement frequency due to clogging and rupture of the membrane (filter) has been an issue. Drawing on our long-standing engineering resources on the ceramic product manufacturing technology, we developed a highly durable "ceramic flatsheet membrane" to address these issues.in order to realize our proposal for a new membrane bioreactor (MBR) systems. This system is very effective for wastewater including oily and solvent and inorganic wastewater including hard solids. This system has been utilized in various plants at home and abroadincluding industrial wastewater and public sewage.

Product Features

This system offers combined features of ceramic and flatsheet membrane and such features are not available in the conventional membranes.

  • Multipurpose
    This unit can be applied to various wastewater containing solvents, oil, chemicals and/or suspended solids.

  • Robustness
    This membrane has high resistance to chemical damage and thermal degradation.

  • Maintenance saving
    Daily maintenance can be reduced with automatic cleaning control.

  • High recoverability
    Surface of membrane has resistance to dirt and dirt can be removed easily from the surface, so this unit can maintain its filtration performance long.

  • Energy saving
    Sheet-form arrangement and air dispersal method facilitate more effective air scrubbings.
    Ceramic membrane bioreactor requires low amount of scrubbing air thereby reducing energy consumption.


Scope of ceramic flat membrane


Comparison of performance for each membrane type


Element (filter)

Membrane shape


Flat-sheet membrane

Nominal bore diameter
External dimensions
Effective membrane area

0.1 µm


1.8 kg

0.5 m2

Filtration system

Out-in filtration

Ceramic part: Alumina

Pure water permeation performance

40 m3/(m2 . d) (100 kPa、25℃)

Unit (device)

External form



Number of membrane elements
Effective membrane area

200 sheets (single stack)

400 sheets (double stack)



Treated water volume



External dimensions






Membrane cleaning methods

Ceramic flatsheet membrane supports various cleaning methods. Automatic cleaning control is available during normal operation without worrying about rupture of membrane caused by backwashing and detachment of membrane, etc.

Polymeric flat-sheet membrane

Polymeric flat-sheet membrane

Ceramic flat-sheet membrane

Ceramic monolith membrane

Air cleaning


Back pressure cleaning


Chemical cleaning


High pressure cleaning




  • *Air cleaning: With the structure in which coarse bubble and ascending water flow work effectively, adhesion of dirt during filtration is prevented with the minimum air volume.

  • *Back pressure cleaning: Clogging (increase of trans-membrane pressure difference) is reduced.

  • *Chemical cleaning: This cleaning method provides high chemical resistance and degradation of membrane hardly occurs.

  • *High pressure cleaning: Firm dirt adhered on the surface of membrane can be removed easily by cleaning it with high-pressure water.

High pressure cleaning

If blockage of a membrane advances, it is possible to clean dirt with high-pressure cleaning, thus trans-membrane pressure difference can be restored (replacement is not necessary).



Meiden engages in the water processing engineering business. Reflecting our wishes "Overcome the demerits of conventional membrane: clogging and rupture" and "The key device in our proposal should be made by Meiden", we developed the ceramic flatsheet membrane. This was made real by drawing on our ceramic manufacturing technology developed through our experiences of production and supply business of our surge arrester called "SORESTER" and our ceramic inserts. After going through the various experimental tests and trials, we promoted the product improvements. In 2012, we built a ceramic flatsheet membrane factory in Meiden Nagoya Works, Nagoya. We built a serial produciton system of "Made in Meiden" ceramic flatsheet membrane.