The mission of the R&D unit in Singapore are two-fold:

  1. Bring the strong R&D capability and culture of Meidensha to the doorstep of customers and partners in S.E.A. region. Support Meidensha to optimize Meiden products and technology to the peculiar needs and requirements of markets outside of Japan.

  2. Act as the overseas representative of Meidensha R&D to the outside world to showcase Meidensha's latest technology as well as scan and evaluate advanced technology and technical excellence in the market for deeper research in Meidensha.

The unit's achievements include patents awarded and journals published in various international conferences.

Some of the current R&D projects include:

  1. "Advanced Medium Voltage Drive Control and Topology" which aims to achieve high performance, high efficiency, small footprint and low cost in transformer-less motor drive rated 6.6kV & up. This is a collaboration project with A*Star in Singapore.

  2. "Advanced Technologies for Increasing Efficiency of Converters" which aim to reduce the power loss in converters of low voltage range.

Meanwhile, the R&D unit is seeking and exploring collaborative research in advancing technological excellence for the power and related industry.